About us

JSC ,,Sandas” is specializing in creating and integrating an open source business management solutions OpenERP. We are one of the first companies that adapted OpenERP for Lithuanian market and started to us it. Our activity we started from a small group of enthusiast who have been interested in open source applications. Step by step we where growing , expanding and improving this business field. Willing to offer our costumers various of business solutions and enlarging or outlook we have created more than 150 different types business applications. When we have created some new solutions we don’t site in at the place, but we are moving forward. Improving, modernizing and developing new products that OpenERP users would be more satisfied.


Company has started her activity in 2007, Autumn. All this period of time we have been successful expanding and growing. Every year we have implemented and adapted more and more different kind of business management solutions. Our achievements is successful implementation and companies that are using this system until now.

Historical development stages:

  • 2007 – OpenERP has been adapted for Lithuanian market.
  • 2008 – First OpenERP integrations.
  • 2009 – Has been created and integrated OpenERP salary accounting model, whit his abilities of counting that aren’t worst then other counting programs in Lithuania.
  • 2010 – OpenERP system has been integrated for company which has more then 100 users.
  • 2011 – OpenERP users in Lithuania has reached more then 100 companies

Success stories



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